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About this Process

We are passionate and dedicated to our craft with highly trained lead installers. Scheduling estimates to fit your project timeline with insulation installations for both small and big jobs.

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List of Services

  • Spray-Foam insulation (Closed Cell and Open Cell)
  • Loose-Fill Insulation
  • Batt Insulation
  • Drill and Fills
  • Rigid-Foam Insulation
  • Netted Floors
  • Blown In Blanket Systems (BIBS)
  • Acoustic Insulation
  • Vinyl Faced Insulation (PSK and FSK)
  • Vapor Barriers and Radiant Barriers
  • Insulation Removal (Loose-Fill and Batt Insulation)

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Our Insulation Services

Spray-Foam Insulation (Closed Cell and Open Cell)

Spray-Foam Insulation (Closed Cell and Open Cell)

Great for getting the most R-Value in low depth bays, incredible energy savings, sound dampening, and long-life span. Add more benefits with Closed Cell Spray Foam that offers air-tight seal, acts as moisture barrier, deters mold, Eco-friendly, and can strengthen the structural integrity of your project. Most commonly used for low depth in bays, metal structures with wide bays, and roof decking that also acts as a moisture barrier.

Loose-Fill (Blow-In) Fiberglass Insulation

Loose-Fill (Blow-In) Fiberglass Insulation

Great for attics and its ability to fill all the nooks and crannies. Very cost-effective compared to other types of insulation but does require 2 personnel to operate. One person to load the hopper and one person in the attic installing. If you are planning to use the attic for storage space, then batted insulation is probably the better solution, as Loose-Fill Insulation can get onto your storage items.

Batted Insulation

Batt Insulation

Great for new construction or exposed walls, ceilings, and floors. Very cost-effective.

Drill and Fill Insulation

Drill and Fill Insulation

Great for existing homes without insulation in existing walls. Save on costs for demolition, materials, and repair for existing walls by only drilling 1 ½ inch holes into each bay and filling with loose-fill insulation.

PSK (Polypropylene Scrim Kraft) or FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) Insulation

PSK (Polypropylene Scrim Kraft) or FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) Insulation

Provides a finished look and commonly used in warehouses or shops.
Rigid-Foam Insulation

Rigid-Foam Insulation

Great for adding insulation onto roof decks before roof shingles are installed of cathedral style ceilings, into voids of vaulted ceilings before drywall is installed, and exterior walls before siding is installed.

Blown In Blanket Systems (BIBS)

Provides a high R-Value for the depth of the bays and gets into nooks and crannies where batted insulation doesn’t.

Netted Floors

Provide a very secure hold of batted insulation before subfloor decking is installed.

Vapor Barriers and Radiant Barriers

Provides a barrier to repel moisture, let moisture escape, and blocks radiant heat.

Acoustic Insulation

Reduces sound echo and promotes sound absorption. Has felt scrim for a finished look. Commonly used in movie theaters.

Our Insulation Removal Services

Insulation Removal (Loose-Fill and Batt Insulation)

By removing old, moldy, smoke-damaged, vermin-infested insulation, you provide a fresh start which can help with allergies, health, and keeping vermin at bay.

Insulation Removal | Infestation

Just as with mold, renovations can lead to the discovery of vermin nests in the existing insulation. In such a case, insulation removal is necessary to prevent any potential health risks, and to ensure that there aren’t more animal nests hidden within the insulation. Once the old insulation is removed, new insulation should be installed to tighten the home or building, and keep the vermin at bay.

Insulation Removal | Structural or Electrical Work

Involves adding cathedral ceilings, or requires adding or re-doing electrical wiring in the attic, then insulation removal must be done. Once the insulation is removed, and the renovation project is finished, new insulation should be installed to tighten the home and improve its energy efficiency.

Insulation Removal | Fire Damage

Fire damaged homes can leave an unwanted smell of smoke in the insulation. The best remedy for an unwanted odor that has been embedded into the insulation is to completely remove the insulation and install new insulation. By removing the old fire damaged insulation, contractors are also able to work through the structure without the insulation being in the way of the plumbing, electrical, and framing.

Insulation Removal | Mold Removal

In cases where a renovation leads to the discovery of mold in the existing insulation, the removal of that insulation is necessary to ensure the health and safety of those living or working in the home or building.

Services F.A.Q.

When it comes to installing insulation, there are a variety of insulation types to get the job done right. Learn more about some common questions about our insulation services.
When should old insulation be removed?

During any renovation project, there are a number of different reasons why you might opt to remove the existing insulation. This could include mold damage, pest control, or gaining access to plumbing and electrical.

Can I install insulation to help with sound?

Yes, if you are looking to reduce echo or help with sound absorption we offer Acoustic Insulation Services. This service is excellent for home theatres rooms, conference/party, and music rooms!

Can you insulate my warehouse?

Yes, PSK (Polypropylene Scrim Kraft) or FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) insulation is commonly used in warehouses or shops and is one of our top insulation services. Another service great for warehouses is Spray Foam insulation that will get you the best R-Value per inch, acts as a vapor/moisture barrier, and increases the structural integrity of the building. 

Can I install insulation to my old house?

With our Drill and Fill Insulation service, we can install insulation by drilling 1 ½ inch holes into each bay and filling with loose-fill insulation.

Do you have cost-effective insulation services?
Yes, we do Loose-Fill (Blow-In) Fiberglass Insulation and Batted Insulation, which are two of our most cost-effective insulation services.