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Spray Foam Insulation (Closed Cell and Open Cell)

Great for getting the most R-Value in low depth bays, incredible energy savings, sound dampening, and long-life span. Add more benefits with Closed Cell Spray Foam that offers air-tight seal, acts as moisture barrier, Deters Mold, Eco-friendly, and can strengthen the structural integrity of your project. Most commonly used for low depth in bays, metal structures with wide bays, and roof decking that also acts as a moisture barrier. LEARN MORE

Loose-Fill (Blow-In) Fiberglass Insulation

Great for Attics and its ability to fill all the nooks and crannies. Very cost-effective compared to other types of insulation but does require 2 personnel to operate. One person to load the hopper and one person in the attic installing. If you are planning to use the attic for storage space, than batted insulation is probably the better solution, as Loose-Fill Insulation can get onto your storage items.


Drill and Fill Insulation

Great for existing homes without insulation in existing walls. Save on costs for demolition, materials, and repair for existing walls by only drilling 1 ½ inch holes into each bay and filling with loose-fill insulation.


Batt Insulation

Great for new construction or exposed walls, ceilings, and floors. Very cost-effective.


PSK (Polypropylene Scrim Kraft) or FSK (Foil Scrim Kraft) Insulation

Provides a finished look and commonly used in warehouses or shops.


Insulation Removal (Loose-Fill and Batt Insulation)

By removing old, moldy, smoke-damaged, vermin infested insulation, you provide a fresh start which can help with allergies, health, and keeping vermin at bay.



Morgan Lodge

Eduardo and Jason came to insulate my new bedroom addition and I could not be more pleased. They were very professional, clean and polite. They did a great job I would recommend Sequoia Insulation to all my friends.

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Sequoia Insulation is a division of Material Ventures Inc. with the priority in insulation sales and services. Sequoia Insulation offers a wide variety of insulation products and services, and are continuously establishing the most sought out for, up to date, innovative industry products, services, and demands for customer satisfaction.

We have a variety of insulation services to fit your needs, but there are those instances where you need something unique. That’s when you can count on Sequoia Insulation specialists to provide you with the best option that fits your project.

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